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Club Rules


  • 10 Competitions are held each year on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • An end of the year competition and exhibition is held at the end of each year.
  •  Only Financial Members are eligible to enter Competitions.
  • A member who wishes to enter the Competition but is unable to attend on Competition Night can then ask another Member to submit their entries.
  • Print entries should be presented to the Competition Secretary by 7.30 pm on the night of the Competition.






    2.1      For each monthly Competition a maximum of 3 entries is allowed for each section. Either 3 open or 3 set for a MAXIMUM of three images in each Category.         Overall you can submit 12 images in any monthly Competition.

    2.2 You may submit any combination of entries so long as it does not exceed the maximum allowed. You will be advised by the Competition Secretary if this or any other error occurs to either correct it or remove the image.


    3.1 Print entries must have your name and the title of the image clearly written on the back.

    3.2 The minimum size for print images area is 15cm x 10cm (6"x4").

    3.3 The maximum size for print images area including the matt is NOT to exceed 40cm x 50cm 16" x 20").

    3.4 The electronic print entry procedure is as follows:

    - Create a thumbnail file of your print entry, sizes are the same as the digital sizes.

    - Upload your print entries using the Club's Uploader (preferred) or alternatively

    attach the file to an email and send to with the correct file name.


    Prints are to be named like this:

    prn_col_open_month_title of image_name.jpg

    prn_col_set_month_title of image_name.jpg

    prn_mon_open_month_title of image_name.jpg

    prn_mon_set_month_title of image_name.jpg

    Digitals are to be named like this:

    dig_col_open_month_title of image_name.jpg

    dig_col_set_month_titlef image_name.jpg

    dig_mon_open_month_title of image_name.jpg

    dig_mon_set_month_title of image_name.jpg

    Digital, Print, Colour and Mono must be abbreviated as shown, the month should be abbreviated to three letters and the file must have been correctly saved as a jpg. Please keep titles short.

    All entries must be received by Sunday midnight prior to Competition day. No print entries will be accepted on Competition Night unless negotiated prior with the Competition Secretary.


    4.1 Digital entries must comply with the following sizing:

    • Horizontal image dimensions (width) maximum 1920 pixels
    • Vertical image dimensions (height) maximum  1080 pixels
    • Image file size is to be a maximum of 1.5MB
    • Colour space for images should be sRGB IEC6 1966-2.1
    Upload your images with the Club's Uploader Program (preferred) or alternatively email your images to


    5.1 All parts of photographs entered must have bee taken by the author.

    5.2 Commercial prints are acceptable provided they are "machine prints". Professional hand prints are not acceptable.

    5.3 Any processing of an experimental nature for special effects must be the work of the author.

    5.4 Straight copies of paintings, photographs or works of art are not eligible.

    5.5 Prints from slides or Digital entries which have won Merits, Honours or Distinctions in previous PCC competitions are not eligible, unless the print has been altered from the slide or digital by experimental manipulation.

    5.6 All monthly competition photos can be entered in one section only during the current competition year.

    5.7 Entries which are very similar to those which have already won Merits, Honours or Distinctions are not eligible to be re-entered in future competitions. This does not refer to different photographs of identical subjects, it refers to minor variations of what is essentially the same photograph (e.g. Subtly varied compositions in scenes or slightly varied poses or expressions in near identical portraits).

    5.8 Entries awarded Merits, Honours or Distinctions may NOT be re-entered in future Competitions.

    5.9 Entries not gaining Merits, Honours or Distinctions may be re-entered in the same
    category in monthly competitions one more time (twice in total).

    6. JUDGING

    6.1 Prints: The judge will have the opportunity to view all entries in each section prior to judging, enabling the judge to assess the standard of competition for that night.

    Digital: The Judge will have the opportunity to view all entries prior to judging. This is to enable the Judge to assess the standard of competition.

    6.2 Entries will then be presented separately and titles read out for the Judge to give his or her critique and score.

    6.3 Any images from membe rs deemed out of category in the Set subject definition will be given the choice to move it into the Open section up to the maximum allowance.

    If they have exceeded their maximum limit the image will be removed.

    6.5 Images that have been deemed out of category may be re-entered in a future competition.

    6.6 Titles for individual entries will be announced.

    6.7 The Judge will give an appraisal of each image as he or she sees fit.

    6.8 The Judge will award a score for each entry on a 1-10 points basis as they see fit. 

    10 points being considered a Distinction

    9 points being considered an Honour

    8 points being considered a Merit

    6.9 The judge will select a Top Image of the night, one in each Category: Print Colour & Mono, as well as Digital Colour and Mono in both Set and Open.


    7.1 The Competition Secretary shall keep an official record of all points scored by each image entered from all Categories and Sections.

    7.2 Images in Monthly Competitions which have been awarded either a Merit, Honour or a Distinction will be eligible for the End of Year Competition.

    7.3 Each member is limited to a total of 30 images across all sections and categories any and any combination thereof i.e. 2 images in each section and category or 30 images in one section and category.

    7.4 Sections include: Colour Print, Monochrome (Mon) Print, Digital Colour and Digital Monochrome  (Mon)

    7.5 Categories include: Open, People, Flora/Fauna/Fur, Contemporary and Landsape/Seascape.

    7 .6 Definitionns of Categories.

    OPEN: A Photograph of any subject

    PEOPLE: An image where a person or persons dominate. This may include, but not restricted to, traditional head and shoulders portraiture, environmental portraiture, a figure study and action shot or PJ shot where the people or persons are the dominate subject.

    FLORA/FAUNA/FUR:   An image where a plant or  plants, animal or animals are the dominate dominate subject.  This can include natural or man made settings,. Buildings and or people may be in the image but not dominate.

    CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHS:   Where images have been modified during or after exposure using experimental techniques.

    LANDSCAPES/SEASCAPES:  In a Landscape photo a body of land must feature.  In a Seascape the oceamust feature.  Human elements may be included, inland waterways are eligible and a photo where skies or clouds dominate is acceptable.

    7.7   Entries must be received inexactly the same way as the competition in which they received their original award.

    7.8   No points are awarded in the End of Year Competition.

    7.9   The Judge will be asked to select a top image  in each of the  5 categories for each section.  Merits  will be awarded at the Judges discretion.

    7.10   The Judge will be asked to select a Top Entry and a runner up for each of the three sections  from the winners of each category.


    Trophies,Certificates of Merit and  Certificates of Achievement will be awarded a the End of Year meeting for the following:

    8.1   The Top Image and Runner up in each section at the End of Year Competition.

    8.2   The Top Image in each category at the End of Year Competition.
    8.3    Perpetual Trophies are to be held by the recipient for the coming year.  Trophies will also be awarded to the Top Image in each section.


    The Committee may at its discretion, amend the competition rules at any time.  Any alteration to the Rules will be announced to members at the next Club Meeting.

    Updated: 15th April 2019

    Monday, 18 March 2019


    The Para Camera Club Incorporated is one of the largest and most successful camera clubs in South Australia.

    Formed in 1972, the Club draws membership from the northern Adelaide suburbs. The original name of The Elizabeth Camera Club was later changed to The Para District Photographic Society to encompass a wider geographic area and changed again in 2008 to reflect the changing times and a more modern approach by the Club.

    The aim of the club is to assist and encourage the members to a higher standard of photography by organising activities such as competitions, field trips, instructional workshops, Interclub Competitions, guest speakers and social outings

    The Club embraces both film and digital based photography recognising that it is the skill of the photographer that creates the image not necessarily the type or cost of the equipment. We encourage and assist members to develop competent technical skills and combine them with artistic and composition skills in the creation and presentation of their photographic images.

    We are a friendly and supportive group with a good depth of skills and knowledge. There is always somebody within the Club who can assist or guide you with whatever photographic issue you may have.

    We encourage anybody interested in improving his or her photography to come along to our next meeting, you will be made most welcome. All you need to bring with you is your enthusiasm for photography and be prepared to enjoy yourself.

    Ron Heptinstall